Briggs & Stratton

J.S. Howard – Certified Briggs & Stratton Dealers

J.S. Howard electrical Co. is a proud certified dealer of Briggs & Stratton Generators. But our experienced team of electricians are qualified to repair and maintain any brand of generator.

Be prepared for any situation with a Briggs & Stratton Generator from J.S. Howard! From a hurricane to an ice storm, a tailgating party to a construction site – you want the power on. Our generators have been through it all, including the harshest conditions in the most critical situations and have delivered time and time again. So don’t be caught without power, buy or rent a rent a generator today.

Portable Generators

A more portable and temporary solution for power when and wherever you need it.


  • Portable, proper storage is required
  • No installation needed. Must be operated outside.


  • Manual (Recoil or Electric Start)

Fuel Type

  • Gasoline
  • Refueling is needed

What It Can Power

  • Outdoor items plugged directly into the generator
  • Indoor items through a manual transfer switch

Standby Generators

A permanent power solution for all the conveniences of a life uninterrupted. 


  • Permanently installed outside your home
  • Professionally installed by a certified Briggs & Stratton dealer or licensed electrician


  • Automatic when power goes out

Fuel Type

  • Natural gas or liquid propane
  • No refueling needed

What It Can Power

  • Overall home needs such as lights, water heater, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.
  • Automatically manage high wattage appliance priority with Symphony® II power management system for automatic load management

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